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About AOMC
The Asian and Oceanian Myology Center (AOMC) was inaugurated in January 2001 in Tokyo, Japan. This was done in conjunction with the establishment of the Executive Board by the founding members of the AOMC from 11 countries and regions in Asian and Oceanian area.

The AOMC was incepted with the main goals to:

1. Promote basic and clinical scientific research in the neuromuscular field, with an ultimate aim to maintain provision of excellent evidence-based patient care

2. Provide a scientific forum where members can be updated on the advances and innovations in the neuromuscular field.

3. Provide educational opportunities for young investigators and clinicians.

4. Promote the achievement of standards in clinical practice in neuromuscular field and allied medical services in the Asian and Oceanian region.

5. Encourage new and strengthen existing multidisciplinary collaborations.

The activities of the AOMC shall be open to all professionals working in the neuromuscular field and allied medical services in Asian and Oceanian countries. It shall be a multidisciplinary society catering to the needs of different specialties involved in the study of neuromuscular disorders, as well as clinicians caring for patients afflicted with neuromuscular diseases.